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love coffee... love mini mocha

mini mocha’s coffees and speciality drinks are for true coffee connoisseurs and chocolate lovers.

love coffee love mini mocha

coffee menu & speciality drinks

coffee classics

mini mocha cappucino

café latte
espresso in steamed milk topped with silky foam.

espresso with half steamed milk and half silky foam, dusted with chocolate.

black coffee - espresso with hot water. Add milk if you like.

cappuccino with chocolate sauce dusted with chocolate.

double espresso

espresso by itself.


espresso topped with either foam or steamed milk.

signature drinks

luxury hot chocolate
steamed milk with a block of authentic melted Belgium chocolate, topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and dusted with chocolate.

mega mocha
espresso with steamed silky milk with a block of authentic melted Belgium chocolate, topped with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate.

a latte with a caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce and dusted with chocolate.

all coffees are available decaffeinated or skinny.
add an extra espresso or syrup (vanilla, caramel, hazelnut).

mini mocha signature drinks

speciality teas

mini mocha is proud to present Teapigs. Their teas are ethically sourced from selected estates and presented in their unique ‘tea temples’.

english tea
perfectly balanced with a malty, zesty, rich strength.

darjeeling earl grey tea
the exotic, floral tones of Darjeeling tea are balanced with the zesty citrus taste of bergamot.

herbal tea
we have a range of beneficial and flavourful teas.

mini mocha gifts

mini mocha has a range of indulgent gifts for coffee connoisseurs, chocolate lovers and mini mocha fans.

mini mocha gifts

mini mocha monty

The perfect gift for any coffee or chocolate lover. 

Includes mini mocha’s ground coffee (250g), 2 luxury hot chocolates and a large bar of exclusive Divine Chocolate.

All these goodies gift wrapped for £10.

mini mocha full monty gift pack

the coffee connoisseur

mini mocha’s extraordinary blend is the perfect present for any coffee enthusiast.

Our coffee is rich, smooth and full bodied with some nutty and caramel notes.   The blend gets its unique flavour from the Indian Monsoon Malabar beans.

250g bag of ground beans for use in cafetieres, Italian stove pots and espresso machines.

£5 per bag.

mini mocha bag of coffee

the chocoholic

Make the best hot chocolate home.

4 blocks of authentic Belgium chocolate to melt into your steamed milk.

Gift wrapped chocs for £5.

cafe of lait

mini mocha gift vouchers

orders & payment methods

Order your gifts via PayPal, email, phone or ask your mini mocha barista direct.

Orders via PayPal, email or phone - we will post orders as soon as your PayPal transactions or cheques have been processed.

Orders via your barista – you will receive your order the next day. Please pay with cash.

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